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Germany Animals

Abundant in natural habitation and dense forestation, scattered in the various parts of the country, Germany proves to be an ideal habitation for numerous varieties of plants and animals. Germany animals for gaming can be found in several parts of the country.
Some of the important game animals in Germany are deers and pheasant. Chamois and ibex are some of the other game animals found in the Alpine region. Frequent hunting has rendered these animals on the verge of extinction. Strict game laws, therefore, administer their population in the region. Some of the game animals in Germany also include wild boars and hare, which are present almost anywhere in the country.

The animals that are on the verge of extinction in the wild are the boars and the wolves, but the population of the wild cats have considerably increased since the establishment of the hunting laws since world war II. The wild cats are abundant in the Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Harz mountain regions. Some of the other animals that can be found in the Czech borders are the Lynx. The Germany animals that are abundant in the eastern borders are the Elk and the Wolf, having immigrated from the east.

Germany animals also include marten, weasel, polecats, beaver and badger , which are abundant in the central and the southern highlands. Germany animals of the wild like that of the Ottar and the wildcat are moving towards extinction and are rarely found in the Elbe basin any more. Some of the common Germany reptiles comprise of the slow worms, salamanders, different kinds of lizards and snakes. The adder is the most poisonous of all the other snakes found in the region.

Germany Birds

The Germany birds comprise of the numerous birds migrating from Europe and other parts of the world to the tidal plains of lower Saxony, the North sea coastal regions, the natural lakes formed by the melting glaciers of the Northern Germany plains and the lakes of the Mecklenburg plains. These areas have proved to be the major tourists attractions in the country because of the rich display of varieties of bird life. Some of the birds that migrate to the land include ducks, geese and waders. The country itself is inhabited by beautiful and enigmatic bird species like that of the golden eagle and the rare white tailed eagle. White storks are among the very common bird species in the country.

Germany Pet Animals

Being the best resort for loyalty, companionship and love, the Germany pet animals have also proved to be the best in the field of police service and social service. Some of the most favorite Germany pets include German dogs, Germany cats and horses. The Thailand Korat cats are the most important breed of pet cats in the country. The Korat cats are available in silver and blue combination.

German Dogs

Some of the most important German Dogs are the German Shepherd Dogs, Jack Russell Terrier, German Coolies, German Longhaired Pointer, German Pinscher, German Rough-haired Pointer, German Shepherd Dog , German Shorthaired Pointer, German Spaniel, German Spitz, German Wirehaired Pointer and the Giant Schnauzer. Some of the other German dogs include German Boxer and German Rottweiler.

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Germany Animals