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Fulda, Germany

The river Fulda, Germany emanates originally from the notable Rhon mountains and after flowing for a great distance, mixes with the Werra. Running in central parts of the country, Fulda, Germany is a tributary of the river Wessar. The Fulda river gushes past the beautiful cities of Melsungen, Bad Hersfeld, Kassel and Fulda. The length of the Fulda river is 218 kilometers approximately. The Fulda river valley acted as a very noteworthy route for trading between the southern and norther parts of the Germany, way back in time, in the Middle Ages. There are numerous refreshing recreational spots in the Fulda river basin. Lying along the Fulda river is the wonderful city of the same name. Thus it is a must for those visiting the city to indulge in the fantastic Fulda river sports and recreations.

Fulda River Activities

With the availability of prominent rivers in Germany, tourist really have their hands full with various activities. The river Fulda does not lag behind in offering people with amazing sports and activities, leaving all adventure seekers screaming for more. Those who get bowled over with water sports, can hire kayaks from the various rental companies and get set for canoing on the fabulous Fulda river. Well tourists who are not willing to get drenched in the Fulda waters can resort to biking along the river. Do not miss the famous Fulda cycle route and embark on the amazing tour packages offered by the country. Apart from this, the other very economical option is to walk on foot, which will be an energetic activity combining the joys of the river scenery.

The Fulda, Germany is one of the notable rivers of the country that attract bustling crowds in gigantic proportions.