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The importance of the Danube is gigantic and, wherever it flows through the place gets greatly benefited from it. In German, the river Danube is also named Donau and in terms of length, it is the second longest European river. Danube is famous for being an exclusive river in Europe, which moves towards the east from the west. The source of the Danube river lies in Germany's Black Forest region from where it covers an overwhelming distance of 2850 kilometers to finally meet the Black Sea. Along the banks of river Danube, many fascinating cities were built over time, which still flourish in the contemporary age. The areas adjoining the Danube are remarkable for the location of numerous historical monuments, which bear testimony to architectural styles like the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.

Danube Attractions

Tourists in Germany should make it a point to engage in a close interaction with the majestic Danube. It is an absolutely thrilling and unforgettable experience to sail or cruise on the river. The cruises on Danube must be a part of every tourist's sightseeing or vacationing agenda in Germany. The navigable portions of the Danube are frequented by huge crowds. The crowds also drift between Ulm and Kelheim, when prominent festivals are dedicated to the history of Danube. The river between Donaueschigen and Ulm is perfect for cycling, giving people a chance to enjoy the wonderful sights decking the river trails.

The people of Germany feel that sailing on the Danube is tantamount to reliving the past, with impressions of ancient time etched along its sides.