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Germany Flora and Fauna

Germany flora and fauna is the most welcoming aspect of the country, with numerous varieties of wildlife and plants distributed throughout. Germany is situated in central Europe and can be divided into various geographical zones like the German Plain in the north, the German Upland in the central region and the German Highlands in the south. These landforms have given birth to varied Germany flora and fauna, making the country more colorful, vibrant and a heaven for nature lovers.

Germany Flora

The vegetation in Germany shares similar characteristics with those prevalent in the central Europe. Thus the native plants of Germany are also found in many other part of the central Europe. In major parts of the country there are national parks famous for their woodlands. For instance in Mueritz National Park, the natural vegetation is composed of species like conifer woods, oak and beech. The other forms of fauna in Germany that impress nature watchers are elm, ash, larch, birch etc.

Germany Fauna

Germany is an immensely overwhelming destination for adventure freaks who get thrilled with wildlife. Those who have the passion for discovering unseen and beautiful species of animals, Germany is the right place. From birds to mammals, all can be found in the well-preserved national parks of Germany. In Mueritz National Park a fascinating variety of fauna such as cranes, storks, deers, wild swine and cormorants are found. The rare glimpses of the ospreys and the unusual bellows of the red deer must not be missed. Fish fans should be impressed with coastal water creatures like flounder, herring, cod and many more.

Germany flora and fauna impresses all the fans of nature who visit the picturesque and scenic locations of the country.