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Singen is one of the important, beautiful German Cities that attracts lots of tourists all through the year.

Time in Singen

Singen in Germany is located along 5043' N and 114' E of the equator. It is this coordinates of Singen that determines the time zone in which it falls. The time zone of Singen is UTC+1(+2DT). This means that the time in Singen is running an hour ahead of the UTC.

Location of Singen

Singen is situated in such a position in Germany that it is surrounded on all its sides by other important cities. To the west of the city lies Grafinau-Angstedt and Dornfeld an der Ilm. Singer has cities like Hammersfeld, Geilsdorf and Gosselborn on the northern part of it. Paulinzella is on the east and Pennewitz, Sorge and Dornfeld an der Heide are on the southern part of Singen.

Singen Travel

Traveling to this important city from any parts of the world is very easy because there are a number of international airports that are situated within close proximity from Singen. The nearest airports are Jena Schongleina, Eisenach Kindel and Bamberg Aaf. It is also easy to travel from different parts of the country to Singen.