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Ramstein in Germany is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Germany. It is situated in the southwestern side of Frankfurt in the rural region of Kaiserslautern.

Ramstein in Germany is famous for the U.S. airbase, which has its head office situated in this small town. The average population of the town of Ramstein is almost 1,6559. The neighboring places of Ramstain are Katzenbach, Kottweiler, Spesbach, Miesenbach.

Ramstein Airbase

Ramstein Air Base was established in the year 1953 on the first of June. Ramstein AFB is originally located on the northern side of Kisling Memorial Avenue. This is the twelfth airbase where there are sprawling administrative centers, schools, marketplaces, housing areas. The European Air Forces are stationed at Ramstein. The AirBase has been established in Ramstein with the assistance of the organization of NATO. All the European air forces namely the German, French, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, and British are located in Ramstein. Almost 5,400 US air soldiers along with 16,400 service members work at this base. Ramstein is actually a fine example of international solidarity and togetherness. Employees hailing from European as well as American backgrounds work in unison at this air base. It is a well-structured airbase, which has been safeguarded from terrorist attacks and other foreign invasions.