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Ludwigshafen is situated in southwestern Germany in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. This German city is also a port, situated on the left bank of the river Rhine. Initially it was founded as bridgehead opposite Mannheim in 1606 and was known as Rheinschanze. Later in 1843, its name was changed to Ludwigshafen after King Louis I (Ludwig). At the time of the World War II, Ludwigshafen was heavily bombed but had been restored to its ancient glory through modern renovation. Ludwigshafen boasts of its famous chemical industry and historical monuments.

Ludwigshafen Tourist Spots

The city is dotted with churches and notable monuments. Tourists must visit the famous Luther well, which is noted for its gentle oasis and the Wasserspiele. People should not miss the important city hall center or the splendid baroque house of Elizabeth Augusta, known as Kurpfalz, is another attraction of Ludwigshafen. Rundgang is a fabulous place for adults and kids alike. For exciting activities visitors must not forget the memorable bus rides around the city, as well as an exciting tour along the river Rhine. Other enthusiastic people also love to move on their own and hence bicycle trips are favored. It is wonderful to soak in the beauty of the city and the magnificence of the river, combined together. The excellent Ludwigshafen city guides are perfect in their work and offer tourists with a well-planned and proper tour of the entire city.

Ludwigshafen is a paradise for all sorts of tourists, where there are numerous fascinating objects attracting a colorful motley of crowds.