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Hof is a German city where the people are always engaged in numerous activities and consider themselves to be in high spirits at all times. The historical structures of Hof are the city's key attractions.

Hof Tourist Spots

The old city hall is popular and its fascinating Renaissance architecture is remarkable. From the balcony of this structure one gets a panoramic view of the city. Much of the city hall has been renovated and Gothic designs were introduced later. A historic and prominent fortification used to protect the city prior to the 16th century. Later it got badly destroyed and at present there are only small remnants of the wall. The 13th century "Hospitalkirche" is located near Unteres Tor. This old hospital has been transformed into a nursing home and its old stable has become the Bayerisches Vogtland Museum. The well-laid out Theresienstein Municipal park is a magnificent park, that attracts large groups.

Hof, Germany Church

The Hof, Germany church, St. Lorenzkirche is the oldest church of the city, located in "Altstadt". According to many it was constructed in the 11th century. It had been subjected to many attacks, at it was located outside the city walls. Numerous renovations have turned it into fascinating monument, exemplifying 19th century architecture. The chief feature of this Hof, Germany Church is the "Hertnid-von-Stein-Altar". Other beautiful churches in Hof include St. Marienkirche and St. Michealiskirche.

Situated right in the heart of Germany, Hof is an important destination, noticed for it historical relevance and interesting cultural events.