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Hanau, Germany

Hanau is one of the most important German Cities, which is popularly known as the land of Grimm Brothers. Hanau is located in Hessen land, which lies in the hub of Germany. The full name of Hanau is "Hanau am Main". Hanau lies 25 kilometers away from Frankfurt.

People and Culture of Hanau

The total population of Hanau in Germany is estimated to be 90,000 approximately. Hanau society is made up of a number of diverse tribes. Some of the dominant ethnic groups of Hanau are Steinheim, Hohe Tanne, Wolfgang, Grossauheim and Mitlebuchen. Thus, life in Hanau is marked by great cultural diversity.

Importance of Hanau

Hanau is known for the thriving industrial locations and also for the large number of shopping centers, which offers loads of interesting things to the tourists. The Rhine Main Area of Hanau is one of the most developed parts of the city. There are also a large number of museums in this city, which are situated in its different corners. Museums such as Museum Schloss Steinheim and Lebendige Museum are some of the most important and famous museums in Hanau.

Hotels in Hanau

As because Hanau is one of the most developed cities of Germany and is also an important tourist destination, a number of worthy hotels have come up in different parts of the city with the objective of providing the best accommodation facilities to the tourists and travelers. Some of the important and renowned hotels of Hanau are Mercure Hotel, Hotel Brunnenhof, Hotel Nies and Hotel Residence.

Thus, Hanau is one of the important cities of Germany and its prosperity also reflects the beneficial German Economy.