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Frankfurt University

Frankfurt University exists as one of the modern and well-known universities of Germany, where the ambiance is perfectly conducive to cogitate, study, research and innovate. Frankfurt University, founded in 1914, is greatly attached to the city, where it is situated. Frankfurt for long, has been regarded as a city with a wealth of the Enlightenment and known for its dynamic research. Frankfurt University carried out its sincere part in living up to the city's name. Considered to be one of the many major German institutions for higher studies, Frankfurt University is totally committed towards the needs of its students. Therefore candidates in Frankfurt University can choose from a host of important disciplines and also engage in research. There are 170 superb degree programs for all kinds of students. There are some ideals of Frankfurt University, which it religiously believes in and implements. Thus the University believes in practically applying the knowledge obtained from research. The total number of students in Frankfurt University is 35,000, with some 4,000 foreign students. There are 603 excellent professors and associate professors and 2,200 people in the research staff.

Departments of Frankfurt University

The important academic departments of Frankfurt University are:
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Law
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology and Sports Sciences
  • Educational Sciences
  • Roman Catholic Theology
  • Protestant Theology
  • Philosophy and History
  • Modern Languages
  • Linguistics, Cultural and Civilization Studies, Art Studies
  • Geosciences and Geography
  • Physics
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy
  • Medical Science
  • Life Science
The Frankfurt University makes use of the best staff as far as teaching is concerned and constantly strives towards excellence and achievements.