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Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Germany. Being one of the largest banks in the world, the Deutsche Bank is driven by the soul motif of public welfare. Having grown to its present position in the country and in the world, the Deutsche Bank is presently set in countries of the Pacific Rim, the Americas and the Europe. These countries have the Deutsche Bank branches that mainly deal with investment banking and the asset management business. Apart from this, the bank has a total of 1700 branches all over the world. The three major operating segment of the Deutsche Bank are:
  • The corporate and the Investment Banking
  • Private clients and asset management
  • Corporate investment

Deutsche Bank Investments

The Deutsche Bank has endorsed into some major investment projects that have further strengthened its roots in the field of banking. Some of the chief Deutsche Bank Investments are:
  • The acquiring of administrative power over the Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG ,as a step to strengthen retail banking.
  • The Deutsche Bank owns the Deutsche Bank Alex in the U.S.

Deutsche Bank Facilities

Some of the chief facilities provided by Deutsche Bank are:
  • Provisions for Eurocards, which help in the smooth transaction of monetary funds from one country to another. These cards are specifically useful for the tourists and the business travelers in Germany. These cards can be used to pay any kind of bills, including hotel bills and shopping bills.

  • The Deutsche Bank credit cards can be used in T-punkt telecom shops for buying equipments. These cards are also accepted by the Bahn or the railway authorities for issuing tickets.

  • The Deutsche Bank have the provisions for financial banking through Eurocheques, Euriocards and credit cards.

  • The Deutsche Bank has become a common household name with the advanced use of home banking. One can now use the Internet or the local telephone line to know about a personal account status or any other bank policy. One can also opt for phone or Internet banking.

  • The Deutsche Bank also has provisions for exchanging currencies, stock and bond purchasing, insurance policies. It also deals with real estate transactions, transactions in precious metals and transferring money electronically from one place to another.

  • Banking with Deutsche Bank is an experience in itself. The financial advisors, with the expertise in their respective fields provide the right financial consultation.

  • Deutsche Bank also provides facilities for online banking.
Speed, diligence and precision-these three qualities characterize the Deutsche Bank.